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Methodist Girls High School Old Girls Association Texas is a nonprofit Section 501(c) 3 entity. Your donation may qualify as a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes.

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What is a Walk-A-Thon? - This is a fundraiser in which participants raise money by collecting donations for walking a predetermined distance or course.

Why are we hosting the Walk-A-Thon? - This is fundraising event to support our Scholarship drive. This activity raises funds for infrastructural repairs, purchase equipment, furniture, books and materials.

When is the event? – TBD

Where is the event? – The venue is under review and once secured, the information will be cascaded to all members via email, on Face book and on our website.

How will we make money from this event? - The event is open to the public. We will collect money from pledges and registration sales. Registration kits are $25.00 each and comprise of an event tee shirt, customized water bottle and bib number. Each member will be responsible for selling at least 4 registration kits.

How can I make my pledge sheet work for me?

Did you know that for every $25.00 raised on your pledge sheet, it cancels the required sale of 1 registration kit? The target goal per member is $100.00 in pledges or sale of 4 registration kits @ 25.00 per kit.

You can

raise $25.00.00 in pledges and sell 3 registration kits @ $25.00 per kit OR

raise $50.00.00 in pledges and sell 2 registration kits @ $25.00 per kit OR

raise $75.00.00 in pledges and sell 1 registration kit @ $25.00 per kit OR

raise $100.00.00 or more in pledges and sell 0 registration kits

How do I register for the event? - Registration kits will be available for sale on TBD. Each registration kit will have a form that must be completed and a medical waiver form to be signed; both forms must be submitted prior to the start of the event.

I want to collect pledges, how can I get a pledge sheet? - Pledge sheets are available online - Please print and submit all collected pledges on the day of the event.

Are there any refreshments at the event? - We will have free bottled water, yogurt, granola bars, juice and fruit at the event.

How can I volunteer for the walk? - Please sign up on our website - Registration for volunteers opens on TBD. We need help with our concession booth, course monitors and registration booth.

What do I do before the walk? - Arrive about 30 minutes to an hour before the start. If you are registering the day of the walk, fill out the forms, pay and you'll get your packet. Attach the bib number to the front of your body on your tee shirt.

What do I do during the walk? - The walk will start by someone yelling 'go'. Just follow the folks in front of you, and you'll be fine. If you need to stop, walk, tie a shoe, adjust something, pull over to the side. You don't want to cause a bottle-neck or a sudden stop for the people behind you.

What do I do at the finish? - The finish line should be pretty obvious. There will be officials directing you where to go. Just follow their instructions. The awards ceremony will follow afterward and each participant will receive a certificate.

How can I benefit as a corporate sponsor? - Your business name and logo will be reflected on our website and banners at the event. This exposure increases your market niche and engagement within the community. Minimum sponsorship donation is $250.00.